Early Childhood Education CenterPreamble:
ECEC’s mission is to enable children and families to achieve the greatest possible degree of independence, dignity, and use of strengths for personal fulfillment.
Our core beliefs include:

  • A child is a child first and is viewed as a whole person.
  • No single approach fits everyone; individualized programs are essential.
  • A collaborative and interdisciplinary approach best taps individual knowledge and insight.
  • Each family is unique.
  • Parents are full partners in our work.
  • Children need people who care.
  • We prepare each student for their next educational experience.

The structure of our organization is designed to nurture inspirations and reduce discouragements. We include as elements:

  • A constant search for better methods, tools, and answers; delving, inquiring, and being open.
  • Communicating to ensure that everyone has pertinent information and has opportunities to share their knowledge.
  • A style that encourages acceptance, trust, and respect among staff and the children and families we serve.
  • Share the same philosophy, although we may be at different locations.

We believe ECEC is distinguished in its field by these characteristics:

  • We keep sight of our vision for children and families
  • We do what we say we will do.
  • We establish a partnership among children, parents, and staff that fully uses the strengths of each contributor.
  • Growth and achievement for children and families are at the heart of every ECEC activity.
  • We are proud of our good reputation with school districts.
  • We continually strive to consider, adapt, and change the classroom environment to meet both the individual needs and unique groupings of children.

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